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How are Same-Sex Marriage Cases handled by the Columbus, Ohio immigration office?

On January 16, 2014 I posted on this blog a short article about how Same-Sex Marriage cases are being handled in the Columbus, Ohio USCIS (immigration) office. Today, I accompanied another couple to their same-sex marriage based interview.

I am happy to report that this interview also was handled in a very professional manner. My clients were treated respectfully by the immigration officer. All of the questions asked were the same type of questions that would be asked of any couple at an immigration marriage interview. 

My clients have a happy outcome and the foreign national spouse will be receiving his “green card” in the mail in a couple of weeks.

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    Great news Roxi ….Thanks for posting this !


    Thanks for following our blog! I expect to have more happy updates on this topic in the near future!

    With all the bad or negative news about subjects like this, it’s good to hear something is going well! My brother affiliates himself with the gay culture, and we are more than supportive, but sometimes others do not share our sentiment. Again, it’s good to hear that somewhere the fight is winning, at least a little bit.


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