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Some foreign nationals who have overstayed a visa, entered the US illegally, or made a misrepresentation on a visa application will need a waiver to obtain legal status in the US or be admitted to the US. Preparing a strong waiver application requires extensive knowledge of the US immigration laws and methods of meeting the burdens of proof required. We work hard to continuously educate ourselves on the quickly changing immigration laws. At Adams & Liming, LLC, we have successfully obtained waivers for a number of clients.

Unlawful presence waivers (I-601)

Foreign nationals who have entered the US without being inspected at the border and some foreign nationals, who have overstayed their visas, may have accumulated “unlawful presence.” If you have been in the US for less than 180 without proper status, and then leave the US, you will be barred from returning for three years. If you been in the US for 300 days without proper status, and then leave the US, you will be barred from returning for ten years. Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible to obtain a waiver of these bars. To get a waiver, you may need to prove extreme hardship to a US citizen spouse or child.

Inadmissibility Waivers:  In some instances, a person ineligible to be admitted to the US or to obtain a green card — because of a prior bad act or other circumstances — may be eligible to obtain a waiver. Eligible aliens may seek a waiver for the following grounds of inadmissibility:

  • Failure to possess required documentation such as green cards, passports, or visas
  • Health-related grounds such as communicable diseases and behavioral disorders
  • Certain criminal grounds
  • Immigration fraud or misrepresentation
  • Alien smuggling
  • Unlawful presence in the US
  • Likelihood to become a public charge

The Standards for granting waivers are high. Our attorney can help you understand your situation in light of current laws. We also help you prepare evidence you need to submit to qualify for the waiver.

Put our knowledge of immigration law and waivers to work for you

At Adams & Liming, LLC, our attorneys continuously educate ourselves through seminars, legal publications and conferences. We help our clients understand how changes in immigration law might affect them and their families. We are available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and by appointment at other times. Call Adams & Liming, LLC today to schedule your free consultation at 614-488-2053, or contact us online.


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