In July 2014 USCIS recently reported that:

  • Almost 1 million foreign students are studying the United States.

  • The top five countries sending students to the US are China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Canada

  • At 270,684 total students, China has more students studying in the US than all other countries. This represents an 11% decrease in the number of students from China pursuing bachelor’s master’s or doctorate degrees.

  • 28% of all students originate from China

  • 12% of all students originate from India

  • 72% of all students are enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral programs.

  • 45% of all students enrolled in theology and religious vocation programs are from South Korea

  • 70% of all STEM foreign students studying engineering originate from China and India

  • 56% all students studying in the US are males

  • 77% of all students from Western Asia are male

  • 58% of all students from Eastern Europe are female

  • 35% of all students study in California, New York or Texas

  • The University of Southern California has the largest number of active foreign students – 10,498

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