Senate Inaction Leaves US Without Permanent Ambassadors in 40 Countries

The US Department of State is reporting that presently the US Senate has a backlog in confirming ambassadorial candidates which means that 40 countries are without permanent ambassadors.  Right now, fifty-eight (58) State Department nominees are waiting to be confirmed by the Senate. Thirty-five (35) of these have been approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and could be confirmed immediately by a simple vote of the Senate. In additional to ambassador positions, other key positions within the Department of State are waiting for confirmation. The Director General of the Foreign Service - the official in charge of staffing for tens of thousands of State Department employees at 275 missions also remains unconfirmed. More than forty-three (43) of the people waiting for confirmation have been waiting for more than one year.

US Ambassadors play crucial roles in defending the security of the United States, promoting American interests, and helping US businesses create jobs for American workers. Not having ambassadors in so may countries sends the wrong message to  the world.  Without ambassadors in place in many countries vital to US interests, America's economy is suffering.

The Senate should act on these nominations or at least take a vote. Isn't that what they get paid to do?

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