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Will China EB-5 visas be available in Fiscal Year 2015?

On October 1, 2015, approximately 10,000 new EB-5 visas will become available for use for Investor Green Card with approved petitions. However, because of the large demand from Investors from China, more people from China are in the queue than there are visas. This means that in Fiscal Year 2015, that it is expected that the EB-5 category for people from China will be oversubscribed. While projections are just that – projections (best guesses), the Department of State has indicated that they expect that in April they will be establishing a priority date for EB-5 applicants from China. At this time, they estimate that the priority date will be somewhere between June and September 2013.

Unless there are other changes made to the program in the meantime, either through Congressional or Executive action, this means that EB-5 applicants from China may have to wait for a visa to become available before they will be allowed to immigrate to the United States.

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