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What’s President Obama’s Executive Action All About?

Last night (November 20, 2014), President Obama announced that he is taking Executive Action on the immigration front. His Executive Actions are designed to help secure the border and provide limited protections for nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants. President Obama has announced the following actions: 1. He will shift resources to the Southwest border and […]

Update on How Same Sex Marriage Cases are Handled at Columbus USCIS office

Twice before I have posted on how same sex marriage cases are being handled at the Columbus, Ohio USCIS office. I am pleased to report that today I accompanied another couple to their “marriage based” green card interview. Again, the immigration officer was thoroughly professional and treated my clients in a respectful manner. The questions […]

How are Same-Sex Marriage Cases handled by the Columbus, Ohio immigration office?

On January 16, 2014 I posted on this blog a short article about how Same-Sex Marriage cases are being handled in the Columbus, Ohio USCIS (immigration) office. Today, I accompanied another couple to their same-sex marriage based interview. I am happy to report that this interview also was handled in a very professional manner. My clients were […]

Will China EB-5 visas be available in Fiscal Year 2015?

On October 1, 2015, approximately 10,000 new EB-5 visas will become available for use for Investor Green Card with approved petitions. However, because of the large demand from Investors from China, more people from China are in the queue than there are visas. This means that in Fiscal Year 2015, that it is expected that […]

China EB-5 visas are not available for remainder of Fiscal Year 2014

Effective immediately Saturday, August 23, 2014 the China Employment Fifth (EB-5) preference category  become “Unavailable” for the remainder of the FY-2014. This action is necessary because the maximum level of numbers which may be made available for use by China EB-5 applicants during FY-2014 has been reached. All China EB-5 applicants who have been scheduled […]

How Many Foreign Students Study in the US?

IMMIGRATION BY THE NUMBERS In July 2014 USCIS recently reported that: Almost 1 million foreign students are studying the United States. The top five countries sending students to the US are China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Canada At 270,684 total students, China has more students studying in the US than all other countries. […]

Advantages of becoming a US citizen

BENEFITS OF BEING A US CITIZEN   Lawful permanent residents, or green card holders, cannot do everything that US citizens do and do not have the full protections of the US government that US citizens have. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people become U.S. citizens through the naturalization process.  I can think of 18 benefits […]

Senate Inaction Leaves US Without Permanent Ambassadors in 40 Countries

The US Department of State is reporting that presently the US Senate has a backlog in confirming ambassadorial candidates which means that 40 countries are without permanent ambassadors.  Right now, fifty-eight (58) State Department nominees are waiting to be confirmed by the Senate. Thirty-five (35) of these have been approved by the Senate Foreign Relations […]

Non-Canadians citizens (TCNs) temporarily unable to get visas at US consulates in Canada

In non-peak visa application times, non-Canadian citizens may process for their visas at the US consulate offices throughout Canada. The non-Canadian nationals are also known as “Third Country Nationals” (TCNs). However, for the summer of 2014, all U.S. consular posts in Canada will not process visa applications for TCNs. This temporary suspension is for the […]

The Steps Involved in Pursuing a Wrongful Discharge Case. Step 5 – The Discovery Process.

Continuing in my series of blog posts explaining the steps involved in pursuing a Wrongful Discharge Case, today I explain the discovery process. When you file a lawsuit against your employer, or any lawsuit for that matter, one of the most important phases in the process is discovery.  Discovery is a pretrial procedure by which […]


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